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Taureau 20 avril — 20 mai. Cancer 21 Juin — 22 Juillet. Balance 23 Septembre — 22 Octobre. Scorpion 23 Octobre — 21 Novembre.

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Astrology Zodiac Signs. Invisible Aggression The sense of protection found in our relationship with food affects us on numerous levels, and Venus and Jupiter will protect us from pain in any way possible. Virgos love things which are concise and efficient, as they view bells and whistles as unnecessary.

Ever the control-freak, a Scorpio is obsessed with people who are obsessed with them. The Scorpio is intense about everything, especially love, as they intend to build strong relationships which are meant to last. Sagittarians are curious and open-minded, always wanting to explore the world around them.

They are the optimists of the horoscope, and are skilled in finding the beauty in every situation. In their nature to expand their knowledge as much as possible, a Sagittarius will always be interested in traveling or learning a new skill. They have thoughts of what the world should be like, and consider themselves quite intuitive.

Top 12 des meilleurs signes astrologiques du meilleur au pire du pire

Aquarius is a free-spirited air sign who hates being tied down, so the idea of not being entirely possessed appeals to Aquarians. Similarly, the Aquarius feels no need to tie down a partner in a complicated relationship, and prefers to go with the flow when it comes to love and life.

The Zodiac in French - learn the French signs and words.

Pisces is the sign most controlled by their hearts. A water sign like Cancer and Scorpio, they are incredibly in touch with their emotions, and know they have to look inwards in order to guide themselves. The Pisces is compassionate, and uses their heart to connect with others. Remember Me. Vous n'avez pas encore de compte?