Jungian synchronicity in astrological signs and ages

This is not the best book of Alice O. Howell's to begin your reading of her with because her earlier book, Jungian Symbolism in Astrology goes into detail explaining that the "dear friend" introduction to each chapter appears because the author has written the books as letters to a Jungian analyst friend of hers. The author takes us on a tour of the signs and houses in the first half of the book, encouraging us to memorize them as an aid to the rest of the book. One lecture becomes ahundred lectures, if a hundred people are present.

It is not what is said but what is heard; not what is written but what is read.

How are planets connected to archetypes?

So subtly we can observe the archetypal how of "creating" moving through all the whats. Turning inward within the psyche, we find that every esoteric branch of every exoteric religion postulates an inner Light Atman or Christ Within , which Jung termed the Self as opposed to the ego. This Self is the center point of the symbolic circle or mandala of the psyche. The ego who we think we are is symbolically at the circumference, mediating between outer and inner realities and circumambulating the centerpoint of the Self who we really are.

Accordingly, in myths and fairy tales, the figure of central authority is the king; in a tribe,the chief; in a democracy, the president; in a business, the boss. Fairy tales involving a throne usurped by a wrongful ruler to the detriment of the land describe the fairly common problem of our placing on the throne our ego instead of our Divine Guest. In a family, the father expresses that archetype. Fathers give life; mothers give the form life takes.

Now, as we enter a new eon, the central archetype may be heading for the hierogamos or "sacred wedding. Anyone reading and reacting to this politically has fallen into the trap of literalism and forgotten the fundamental verbs. Only a fertilized egg yields a new life. It still takes two to tango in the manifest world. In science, we learn that every atom has a "sun. When we read that man is madein the image of God, we can rethink that statement in terms of our sharing the ability to co-create which is a process , rather than taking it literally and projecting an anthropomorphic god.

To think symbolically is a key to wisdom because it allows us to see the same process moving at different levels, like octaves in music. An amusing example: what common object makes one out of two going up symbolos and two out of one going down diabolos? The answer is a zipper! We can recognize the same process in the caduceus of Hermes Mercury , the personification of communicating, or in the ida and pingala of the chakra system, or in the switcherooing process of our optic nerves, or in our DNA and RNA.

Jung on Astrology [Paperback]

When Hermes connects, he is the psychopomp; and when he disconnects or confuses, we call him the Trickster. These are positive and negative aspects of the same process. A joyful approach to life is playing "Sophia's Game. When he established the heavens, I was there. Sophia is co-creator of the manifest world, but language, the Trickster, obscured her when Greek Hagia Sophia was translated into Latin as Spiritus Sanctus , which term requires a masculine pronoun.

Thus the Christian triune Godhead became all male to the historic detriment of women and nature in Western civilization. Sophia is also an archetype who takes refuge in fairy tales. Thus Sophia is the process within each of us that we call intuition.

Carl Jung - The Collective Unconscious: Alchemy and Synchronicity Explained

Her motto is ego coniungo —"I unite. Take a cup.

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What do cups do? They contain, fill and empty, so the hidden process is receptive, yin,womblike, feminine. Symbolically, it usually appears as a cauldron inmyths, but these days Sophia's process is honored on the Sabbath as a chalice or the Judaic Sabbathcup. All three are vehicles for rebirth and renewal.

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Raised another level, Sophia's cup becomes the central problem of a great western myth, the Holy Grail. The problem: it's lost! What have we lost?

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The feminine approach to wisdom. A philosopher is a lover philo of Sophia. When this archetype is raised to its highest expression, we reach the Mother Goddess, who even in prehistoric times was fashioned in clay holding the moon the Venus of Willendorf, about 25, BC or covered with engraved birds and beasts—an early personification of the process of giving form to life. A child announced that Mother Nature is God's wife! Sign in New customer? Start here. View Cart 0 Your Shopping Cart is empty.

“An Astrophysicist’s Sympathetic and Critical View of Astrology” – Vic Mansfield

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